Daily Specials

We’ve discovered that some of our customers order the same entrée whenever they come to our Mexican restaurant. While you may have a favorite, we encourage you to tempt your taste buds with our daily specials. Bring your friends and family to El Camino Mexican Restaurant on a different day each week; we know that you’ll walk away satisfied.

Monday - Friday
Happy Hour

11am - 6pm
16 Oz. Drink Special   3.99
Tequila sunrise
Rum or vodka madras
Long Island iced tea
Jose Cuervo on the rock margaritas
All bottled beer   1.99

Lunch #1 Chimichanga   5.99
Dinner #69 Pollo Loco   9.99
Pitchers of margaritas   13.99
Pitchers of margaritas Texana   15.99

[Photo: Chimichanga]

Lunch #17 Speedy Gonzales   5.99
Dinner #32 Burritos Mexicanos   8.99
Margaritas   Buy one get one half off

[Photo: Speedy Gonzales]

Lunch #7 Numero Siete   5.99
Dinner #29 Enchiladas Supremas   8.99
Top shelf margaritas   Buy one get one half off
All beers   1.99 all day

Lunch #10 Burrito Enchilado   5.99
Dinner #68 El Tapatio   9.99
16 oz. Jose Cuervo rocks margaritas   3.99

Lunch #15 Taco Salad   5.99
Dinner #38 Enchiladas Monterrey   8.99
18 oz. margaritas   5.99

[Photo: Taco Salad]

Lunch #16 Flautitas   5.99
Dinner #37 Burritos Decebrados   8.99
Pitchers of margaritas   13.99

[Photo: Flautitas]

All Day #43 or #44 Fajitas   2.00 off
All beers   2.99
18 oz. margaritas   5.99