Frozen Margaritas

[Photo: Traditional Margarita]

Margaritas and chips – the perfect way to start your dinner, or relax at our bar with your friends.

[Photo: Strawberry Margarita]

We’re the aficionados of margaritas. While our menu lists the traditional, Texana, and strawberry margaritas, we will make any type that you desire.

[Photo: Frozen Margarita Texana]

We use our own sour mix and a wide range of tequilas, so let us serve you the margarita that you truly want. If you’re unsure which one to try, see the list below to help in your selection.

Frozen Margaritas are available in two sizes by the glass, or by the pitcher.

17 oz. glass
17 oz. glass margarita Texana
Monster 42 oz. glass
Pitcher margarita Texana

Choose any of the following from our menu:

Margarita Classica
Margarita Texana with Cuervo
Traditional Frozen
Strawberry Banana
Margarita Rosada
Margarita Azul